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Friday, August 31, 2012

Drainage Problems

Is the standing water in the corner of your lawn after every rain? Or on the side of the house? Depending on if the problem might be affecting the foundation of your house, you might need to call a grading contractor or engineer. For minor problem you might consider installing a drainage system. There are two way to deal with the water, move it off site or help it into the ground through a dry well. Moving the water off site is usually the cheapest and safer solution.

Most yards are intended to be graded to drain all water to the front yard, and down the street to neighborhood retention area (often a park in newer HOA’s.) Many homes have issues with this not happening 100% correctly. It might be because the grading got changed during a backyard construction project or even the brick boarder to your grass is retaining some water, it is often a fairly simple fix.

If you don’t have a slab of cement that would need bored under or a giant tree with a web of roots in the way, a drainage box and some corrugated pipe will be your answer most of the time. If boring is required, you have some calculating to do. A drain box and corrugated might still be your answer pipe, but more often you might be easier and cheaper to dig a dry-well to help the water percolated fast.

Give us a call and let us help you make that decision.