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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring is here!

Officially spring doesn’t start until March 20th, but Cactus league baseball (spring training) started over a week ago. The weather has been perfect in the afternoons and early evenings for a while now, so IT’S SPRING.
What does spring mean for your landscaping? Answers 1) Flowers; 2) New growth; 3) Fertilizer and 4) Water.
A lot of plants are starting to get new growth and or flower. This is most noticeable on deciduous trees (trees that dropped all their levels for the winter.) Depending on the micro-climate at your house, trees such as Ash trees, buds are either starting to open or might already be fully leafed out. Some tree such a Jacaranda or some citrus are starting to flower.
This natural process need nutrients and water. This means that none native/naturalized species are likely to need some supplemental nutrients (fertilized) and/or water. Native or naturalized species most likely are adapted to get the nutrients and moisture they need from the local soil. Fertilizers that are sold at retail stores are usually water soluble and early for the plant to adsorb Non-native and native alike.
Water should be straight forward, increase the water to your plants. It should not have been off for the winter, but if it was turn it back on. Your irrigation system should be adjusted with the weather, minimum or 4 times a year. 12 would be better.