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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring is here!

What does spring mean for your landscaping? Answers 1) Flowers; 2) New growth; 3) Fertilizer and 4) Water.

A lot of plants are starting to get new growth and or flower. This is most noticeable on deciduous trees (trees that dropped all their levels for the winter.) If at plant is not starting to grow yet and it was frost damaged it MIGHT be dead. It is a little early to come to that concussion yet. I have seen quite a few Lantana and Lemon trees that I suspect/suspected were dead. One a lot I am most likely correct, but even in my own yard I was wrong with my Eureka lemon tree. (I am guilty of not doing anything to protect it.) I thought it might be dead because even my lime had started to bud about 3 or 4 weeks ago and there was nothing on the lemon.

As of yesterday there is ONE bud above the graph point, so it is alive. But now I have to conclude if it is worth saving. It is only 2 years old so hadn’t even fruited yet, but if only one bud is what I have to start over with I just lost at least those two years. I will wait a few more weeks, before I come to a final decision, but I am likely to plant a new tree.

Budding out s natural process that nutrients and water. None native/naturalized species are likely to need some supplemental nutrients (fertilized) and/or water. Native or naturalized species most likely are adapted to get the nutrients and moisture they need from the local soil. But non- Natives such as Citrus new supplemental help. Fertilizers that are sold at retail stores are usually water soluble and early for the plant to adsorb Non-native and native alike.

Water should be straight forward, increase the water to your plants. It should not have been off for the winter, but if it was turn it back on. Your irrigation system should be adjusted with the weather, minimum or 4 times a year. 12 times would be better.

Friday, February 8, 2013

February is too early!

            On the outskirts of town it is predicted to get to freezing next Tuesday! That combined with the extreme records from last month could be the breaking point for a already stressed frost sensitive plat. Do not remove the dead growth on any plants yet.
            Just because your neighbor’s landscaper did it last week, do not make it the right thing to do. (Think of what your mother use to always said, “You wouldn’t jump off a bridge just because everyone else was, would you?)
            I recommend waiting until March at the earliest to address the issue. If you HOA tries to say otherwise, get on the board and change that for next year. Freezing weather is common in February and very possible in March.
            With ground covers such a lantana you can usually cut it to just above ground level. With trees you should wait for new spring growth and selectively remove just the dead branches. With shrubs you have now the plants trimming tolerance. Shrubs such as Sages and Ruellia can be cut as small as you would like to help train a smaller plant, but less tolerant plants such as hibiscus and roses you need to wait for buds and or new growth to form and selectively prune back to that.