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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tree trimming time?

It depends on the tree. For some this is the best time, so some this is just as good as any other time, but there are a few species that you need to wait till spring for. DO NOT cut the freeze/frost damage off your Ficus or Jacarandas until March. There are trees that are included in this so ask an arborist before cutting.

The two most common deciduous trees we grow in the Phoenix Valley are the Ashes and the Chinese Elm. Deciduous means that it drops all its leaves in fall or winter and goes dormant. In the Phoenix Valley many have just finished dropping there leaves in the last few weeks, which means that most of the trees energy reserves are in the roots and next year’s active buds (new branches) have not been decided yet. So, now until the first sign of new growth is the ideal time to trim and thin a Deciduous tree: You will remove the lowest amount of stored sugars and other nutrients, it is the easiest time to see the branching structure and you are not reduce the number of active buds (less likely to unbalance grow hormones.)

And as stated above, now is as good as any to time most other trees. You’re likely to save some money if the crew doesn’t have to come a second time in the year.